Circle of Healing and Light: A Survivor Shares Her Experience At The August Sunlight Retreat

healing and support after rape at sunlight retreats

Circle of healing and light. Our feet ground us, support us and take us into our new futures. An unlikely sisterhood. We come from varied upbringings, socioeconomic status and professional backgrounds... but the thing that brings us together is the trauma of Rape. We came from all over the country to Sunlight Retreat to continue heal ourselves & in the process bonded as sisters. The weekend wasn't slumber parties and pillow fights... it was hard work. Therapy. Release. Bonding. Learning. Understanding. Uplifting. Sharing. Embracing. Crying. Letting go. Taking back our voices. We were victims of Rape / Sexual Assault / Molestation but that DOES NOT define us. 
It wasn't our fault. 
We didn't rape ourselves. 
But we can, and will, choose to heal ourselves. To press forward in strength. To fight for life & healing & happiness. 
We are warriors. We do not fight alone.
Out of violence we rise. We will uplift those around us in light & love & healing. We are stronger together. 
Never underestimate the power of a woman & respect the tribe. 
Thank you to our fearless leader and everyone who sponsored, donated, volunteered and attended. I am better because I know you. ❤ 

By Rabeka Harrison, Survivor and Sunlight Team 2 Alumni. Shared with permission and attribution.


Sunlight Alumni Team 2 is moving forward together, looking towards the sun

Sunlight Alumni Team 2 is moving forward together, looking towards the sun

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