Sunlight Retreats For Survivors of Rape Testimonials

I loved it! It was amazing and I feel hopeful instead of hopeless for the first time in almost nine years!”

“It was a beautiful experience and I am glad I got to spend it with such amazing women. It fills my heart to know there are such good souls out in the world willing to listened and be there when I need it. I will cherish these memories forever!”

“Words cannot express how healing and helpful this retreat has been. It broke down walls and old beliefs of worthlessness I felt. Thank you for your donation and please know it had a huge impact.”

“Expressed with gratitude from the bottom of my heart for this soul shifting experience. Sunlight Retreat 2018, the weekend the lives of 15 women radically changed. The retreat doesn’t only reach this weekend, it reaches an entire lifetime. I have been hiding under a blanket of shame, and terror and loneliness for years but being afforded the opportunity to be at this retreat has altered my reality. Britt is a beautiful woman with a heart, soul and mind that can and is moving mountains. Dr. Shiva is a force to reckon with and I know she is just getting started. The women this retreat brings together are wonder women in my eyes, true fighters and survivors. So, thank you truly for everything.”

“Thank you for caring about our healing! This was an extraordinary experience-much needed healing time doing self-care and learning to overcome PTSD. I hope these retreats continue to help the community heal and those impacted by sexual abuse and rape. Retreats help us see that we are not alone!”

“Thank you for helping me in this journey. This retreat has definitely impacted my life. It was a short weekend but it was still full of love and support. This really helped me understand my PTSD and that it is temporary.”

“It was important and very beneficial for me to get the chance to attend the retreat, I would hope every survivor gets the chance to attend something similar and learn about what was taught here.”

“For me, for us, a retreat like this makes the healing process easier. We are strong, we are able, you have made this even more obvious to us. I could go on all day about this. Thank you for seeing the power in donation. I am one step closer to having my power back.”

“I don’t know you and you don’t know me but it means a lot for me to have your support of my healing. I know this retreat has been a great help and I know it is what survivors need and have been hoping for. In the future, I look forward to even more healing for others.”

“I want to be just like you when I grow up (Dr. Shiva Ghaed) You have given me hope and the feeling of the first part of healing that I NEVER have received from my shrink or any other doctors! I no longer (mostly) have the feeling that I am broken and crazy. Thank you for your eye opening, strong and inspiring words. You are a rockstar!”

“Thank you so much for your understanding and support. Retreats like the one Brittany has organized is rare—-rare to the point I flew in from Boston to be present. The company of others who understand my trauma was invaluable to my healing. We can go contribute positively to the world because of your positive contribution to it, and to us.”
— Sunlight Retreats San Diego participants via anonymous survey