Sunlight Retreats Unlocks How To Thrive in a Triggering Era at SheExperience

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Sunlight Founder Brittany Catton Kirk is honored and excited to be part of this group of amazing women and to be a featured speaker/facilitator at the SHExperience - Journey to Your Best Self on May 4 & 5 on the University of San Diego campus.

Please sign up and join me for this incredible weekend. More information can be found here: . Use the Sunlight Code WELLNESS for $100 off!

Check out the Amazing SheExperience Workshops:

WORKSHOP # 1 (Saturday 10- 11:30 am)

Wellness Warrior

Owning Your Worth: What You Need to Know about Financial Wellness

 Sally Bixler & Christina Gustin


How do women take control of their finances? How can women gain the confidence to feel comfortable making major financial decisions? The first step is to think of getting involved in your financial life as a form of self-care, in the same way you take care of your health. Financial security can give you the freedom to focus on what matters most to you and can empower your life in many ways. The challenge is that women are often inexperienced when it comes to financial planning and the dynamics of finances have their own gender gaps that disadvantage women. Often, we need to make hard choices about money. Women's life longevity compounded by the wage and financial gap makes it even more critical for women to take steps to own and improve their financial wellness. Can you believe 61% of women would rather talk about their own death than about money? Or less than 1% of editorial content in the top 17 women's magazines are dedicated to personal finances. It's time. Our best self is a financially aware self. Whatever your income, financial awareness and wellness is critical.


You. Lead. Now.

Women and Leadership: Moving Past the Conundrum


Aixa Morales and Lani Tolbert


The ageless conundrum for women in leadership centers on the question: How can I best position myself for leadership without losing my authenticity – how do I fashion for myself a leadership style which is both a reflection of decisiveness, critical thinking, political savvy and assertiveness while recognizing the need for kindness, compassion, empathy and nurturing? Are these qualities mutually exclusive? Is our concept of what makes for an effective leader influenced by culture, age and geography? We know that women can be great leaders while remaining true to their authentic selves. This highly interactive workshop will help women explore their leadership strengths and weaknesses through the examination of well-known leadership philosophies. We will examine the spectrum of contemporary leadership and consider the leadership styles of high-level women like Nancy Pelosi, Sheryl Sandberg, Kamala Harris and others, to fashion for ourselves a rubric of strategies foundational to today’s workplace reality. We welcome you to engage this fast-paced, highly interactive, down to earth workshop.


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Radical Self-Care: It's Not All Massages and Pedicures


Lisa Howe


Women need to take time to care for themselves, yet our self-care is often the first thing we abandon in our busy lives. In this workshop, will explore what self-care really means and reframe the way we think about it. We will explore how we all can realistically incorporate self-care in our lives, and identify the obstacles that most often stand in our way. Sometimes, the kindest way we can care for ourselves is to allow ourselves to be honest about our lives. Facing fears, living authentically, and being willing to love ourselves is difficult yet so important. And, meditation and massage never hurt. ;-). Together, we will create a self-care plan and develop an accountability system that you can take with you back into your lives.


Activation Acceleration

Power Up! Voice, Vision and Making a Difference


Jenni Prisk

One of the most powerful things we have is our voice. Speaking out for ourselves and what we believe in is a critical skill toward feeling empowered and in control of your life. Yet, it’s so much easier said than done. We know women often second guess themselves, stay silent, apologize unnecessarily, get interrupted and feel unheard. In this workshop you will find your inner power through your strong voice and learn tangible tools and skills to help you become a more powerful communicator. Whether you are negotiating a sales contract, lobbying for your community, or wanting more meaningful conversations in your personal life, this workshop will build your confidence and your best self.. As Jenni says on her website: "Life’s a speech! You owe it to yourself, and to the people with whom you interact, to be an intelligent, inspirational and passionate communicator.”


WORKSHOP # 2 (Saturday 1- 3:30 pm)

Wellness Warrior

Emotional Eating - Understanding and Overcoming It


Samantha Hua


Many women battle with emotional eating and it often leads to weight gain, low self-esteem, and feeling out of control. Body image issues is something every woman can identify with and most often, they are not fun. In this session, we will explore and better understand emotional eating- why it might occur and what we can do about it. We will engage in an activity that will help you pinpoint your triggers and increase your awarenes around your own tendencies and habits. There are tools available to all of us, like learning how to escape the same self-sabotaging cycle by understanding the mind-body connection. You will walk away with specific action steps towards your goals of being healthier, empowered, and more vibrant.


You. Lead. Now.

Leadership “Isms" to Practice for a Better Life


Jackie Freiberg

In this session, Dr. Freiberg, an international speaker and bestselling author of 8 books on leadership, will guide you through a series of leadership isms - timely and timeless practices that guide every great leader. So whether you're a manager or a mom, an executive or an entrepreneur, or someone searching for ways to make a difference personally, professionally, politically or philanthropically, this session will help you flex and build leadership muscles for more impact in everything you do. Leadership is a journey, it is not a destination. Leadership can be messy, difficult and frustrating. It can be lonely, scary and uncharted. But it can also be fun, fruitful and extremely fulfilling. Leadership is the the key to building trust and transforming lives, it inspires and invites authenticity, vulnerability, creativity and innovation. Through Leadership we inspire others, and together we disrupt problems and affect lasting change.


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Why Midlife, For Women, is PrimeTime. The Beautiful Truth About Aging


Juju Cook


Have you bought into the idea that as you increase in years, you decrease in value? That as you grow older, you have less capacity, relevance, potential, energy, beauty, or sex appeal? Because if so, you've bought into a lie. It's a nasty one, for sure. But it's a lie women hear every day. What if the opposite was actually true? That midlife, for women, is PRIME TIME. In midlife, you have the experience, wisdom, insight, judgment, and POWER to put on your best show for your widest audience. In this soul-stirring workshop on the beauty and power of aging, you learn to celebrate midlife as the great period it is as you re-write your own script around aging and entering PrimeTime. In this engaging session we will: · Spot the lies fed to you by the anti-aging, fashion, cosmetic and diet industries, and uncover the glorious truth about aging. · Learn how to LOOK FORWARD to growing older. · Create a path of POSSIBILITY for growth and fulfillment, based on your heart's desire. · Claim what you WANT in the second half of life, and understand how to make it your own.


Activation Acceleration

Burning Walls, Building Bridges


Aeiramique Glass


We are desperately in need of connection, yet we continue to make those different than us the 'other' and get lost in judgement and criticism. This negatively impacts all aspects of our lives, from our communities, families and our workplaces. And as adults, the way we approach these issues will influence and impact the children around us. The conversations around race, sex, gender, sexuality, and movements like #metoo, Black Lives Matter, #TimesUp are difficult and scary, yet we need to have them. In this session, we will engage in a restorative conversation around working through bias, privilege, & politics as way to build bridges and connect more deeply with others. Whether it’s to help with family conversation at dinners during the holidays or to unite our diverse team toward a common goal, we all need to be a part of the movement toward unity and peace.



WORKSHOP #3 (Sunday 10 – 11:30 am)

Wellness Warrior

Your Beautiful Self: Mind, Body & Soul


Tess Mauricio

We all know that looking our best relaxes us and boosts our self-confidence. But did you know that feeling relaxed and confident can actually help us look our best? in this workshop you will learn how to enhance your appearance from the outside-in and from the inside-out. Women are bombarded with messages full of unrealistic standards of beauty and told how we should look. There are so many products and procedures out there, it's almost impossible to know what works best. Even though we fight it, we all still care about our outer appearance. Who doesn't want to look sexy and strong? But the most powerful thing is to feel sexy and strong. Beauty is a combination of a glowing exterior and an authentic and wholehearted interior. Are you ready? Dr. Tess will challenge you to think about your best self and help you discover how uniquely amazing it is to be you!


You. Lead. Now.

Embracing Super Woman - More Accomplishment with More Joy


Susan Toussi

High-level leadership is hard. It’s especially hard for women who face many obstacles and often feel the need to overachieve in order to keep up and prove their competence, worth and value. Women risk getting lost in the achievement vortex, and the result is feeling taxed, tired, overwhelmed, with little time left over for joy. The ironic thing is that we can achieve more and be more successful if we prioritize joy in our work and our life. In this session, Susan Toussi, VP of Development at Illumina, and her leadership team will help us discover elements of our own joy, as learn how to practice joy in order to feel accomplished and full in our professional lives.


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Designing a Well-Lived Joyful Life


Moriah Meyskens


As women, we continually straddle the many pressures life throws our way. The borders between our home life, social life, family life, work life, spiritual life, community life get blurred and muddled causing us to feel overwhelmed and exhausted. In this session, we use life design techniques and tools to explore how we can maximize our energy, take advantage of possibilities, and integrate the most joyous aspects regularly into our lives. Life design is a way to introduce individuals to design thinking mindsets, tools, and processes that can help one navigate the dreaded question of “What are you going to do with your life?” By using empathy-building techniques, radical brainstorming, prototyping and testing, individuals can meaningfully develop (and better articulate!) their interests, curiosities, and pathways. This session is based on tools from the popular book Designing your Life by Stanford Engineering and Business School Professors Bill Burnett and Dave Evans. They wrote this book to provide tools to students and individuals at all life stages to live a well lived, joyful life.


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Thriving and Surviving in a Triggering Era


Brittany Kirk


We are living at a time when triggers and trauma are pervasively everywhere. Whether it's the widespread nature of social media or the extreme nature of the evening news, it's hard to escape issues and situation that get us at our core. We've all experienced some form of trauma and we all have certain triggers that set us off. The key is to not practice avoidance and face the hard. No woman deserves to feel small or invisible due to the negative experiences in our lives. The key is learning that we are not responsible for what happens to us, but we are responsible for how we respond to it. In this session, we will explore how we can effectively connect with each other and ourselves even we feel triggered. Women will walk away from this workshop with some coping skills and tools that will help you thrive in this tumultuous and uncertain world.